Ka-kaa - distance driver


Ka-kaa is a PDGA-approved distance driver - it's a prime example of a driver that can hold a long smooth glide while going into a textbook S-line. Ka-kaa is suitably understable with a speed of 12 and an air-ripping glide of 5. It has an easy-to-grip 2.2cm-narrow rim, flight specs of 12/5/-2/2, and the plastic is pure and utter eye candy.

Bird's-eye view of Ka-kaa in flight

Wo-hoo - midranger


Wo-hoo is an awesomely sound PDGA-approved midrange driver designed for precision approaches. With a speed rating of 6, glide 5, and turn 0, you’ll get maximum fairway distance without compromising on accuracy. Wo-hoo is virtually beadless and has flight specs of 6/5/0/2. And as always, the plastic feels and looks better than great.

Bird's-eye view of Wo-Hoo in flight

Clothes (cause it beats playing naked)



This is one super warm and comfy hoodie for throwing on any given day. The hood will conveniently prevent your skull from burning in the summer, and you'll stay nicely snug and warm even on the coldest of days. The perfect blend of cotton and polyester will make sure you'll have the freedom of movement to pull off even the most enchanted throws. Oh yeah, it has a zipper!




This tee shirt will keep your mighty reggae soul strong and pure. It is made out of 100% cotton so your body can tap into the power of the universe as naturally as possible. The basket is located close to the heart; signifying one's true devotion to the beautiful game of disc golf. Back in the days, these would've sold like cookies in Babylon.



A disc target doesn't have to look like a deer feeder straight out of Mad Max. We want to offer baskets that are both functional and a little bit easier on the eye; something that'll look great in the backyard or your summer place. As you can guess, we're going green with this.